Infant Nutrition Market 2018 Global: Detailed Analysis Covering Major Industry Factors

Market Analysis with Latest Growth Factors:


The existence of convenient packaging will lead to rise in the infant nutrition market. Rise in busy parental lifestyles have also resulted in high demand for conveniently packaged baby products that are convenient for transport such as pouches with plastic spouts at the top. Also, the convenient packaging leads to self-feeding as well as development of independence among babies. Rise in health awareness among customers has led to parents opting for natural, minimally processed baby foods which help to provide their children a healthy lifestyle. High demand for organic baby foods will lead to expansion of infant nutrition market.


However, concerns related to risk of babies developing allergies from usage of artificial infant formula as well as baby foods will hamper the market growth to some extent. Also, psychological block in the parents minds pertaining to packaged baby foods will impede market growth.


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Market Definition:


Rise in the number of working mothers, increasing urbanization, and high spending power per baby in the developed nations as well as rise in the disposable income are major factors fuelling the infant nutrition market. However, the risk of developing allergies and psychological restraints pertaining to the adoption of packaged baby food, are major factors hampering the infant nutrition market growth. Rise in the urbanization along with an upsurge of middle class in developing nations will drive the market growth.


Market Segment:


The major products for infant nutrition are infant formula and baby food. The infant formula market segment comprises of growing up milk formula, follow on milk formula, infant milk formula, and specialty baby formula. The infant milk formula market segment commands the largest market share. Apart from breast milk, infant milk formula cannot be substituted. Thereby, absence of other substitutes to infant milk formula will lead to be high impact factor. Moreover, high birth rate in developing regions will further propel the demand for infant nutrition.  The growing up milk formula market segment is expected to grow at a high rate over the future period due to rise in product awareness in developing economies along with high income levels of consumers. Depending upon distribution channel, the infant nutrition market is divided into supermarkets; pharmacy stores online stores, specialty stores, and others. The pharmacy stores market segment commanded the major market share.


The Indian regional market is expected to develop at high rate over the future period. The high birth rate will result in high growth rate of infant nutrition market. The rise in working mother’s population will result in higher rate of adoption of infant formula and baby food due to the convenience offered by them. Increasing consumer awareness levels related to infant formula and baby foods along with extremely busy lifestyles and rise in number of working women will result in high demand for infant nutrition.

Major Key Players:


The major companies in infant nutrition market include Meiji Holdings, Nestle, Mead Johnson & Company, Synutra International Inc., Abbott, Beingmate Group, The Kraft Heinz Company, Glanbia, Danone, Perrigo Company.


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Major Points from Table of content:


  • Executive Summary
  • Research Methodology
  • Market Dynamics
  • Industry Overview
  • Global Infant Nutrition Market, By Product (2017-2025)
  • Global Infant Nutrition Market, By Regions (2017-2025)
  • Market Competition Analysis


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